TLC grabs awards in Luz-Press tilt, Tumabao notches 9th in Ed- writing

By: Lyndee Rose Basilio

TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN- Seven members of The Louisian Courier (TLC) attended the 13th Luzon wide Higher Education Press Conference (LHEPC) held at Batis Aramin Hotel, Lucban, Quezon, February 12-14, 2014.

The participants were Mark Djeron Tumbao (Editor in Chief), Ledell James Soriano IV and Gary Lloyd Bumanlang  (head cartoonists), Bariquille Torrado ( layout artist), Alvin Reyes ( Head photojournalist), Lyndee Rose Basilio (staff writer) and Jose Mari Melad (Adviser).

The press conference consisted of seminars and individual contests on news writing, editorial and opinion writing, feature writing, poem writing, developmental communication (DevCom) writing, photojournalism, cartooning and layouting.

The Louisian dos, the official newsletter of TLC reaped 3rd best feature- literary page. While the TLC magazine won two awards which included 5th Best DevCom Page and 10th Best Editorial Page defeating over 100 campus papers in Luzon.

For individual category, Tumabao, 4th year Electrical Engineering student obtained 9th place in Opinion writing –filipino. Tumabao placing 1st in Opinion writing Filipino in the Regional Higher Education Press Conference (RHEPC) held last December was one of the qualified to represent region 2 in the Luzon wide journalism tilt.

Almost 800 student journalists and advisers from Luzon participated in the said event.

The conference revolved around the theme: “Campus Press: Webbing Accountability and Influence to Nationalistic Fervor.”


Top 12 random things I learned in my life

By Lyndee Rose Basilio

Life is an unpredictable journey; it is a series of ups and downs. A lot of setbacks will surely block along our way, and sometimes it is a series of near misses. There are things that would surely hinder us on what we want to do and there are things that would be an impediment on where we want to go. But, as other people say, life is life, we cannot just say, “ Avada kedavra” and the problem is already solved. Life is not that easy, that with the flick of our finger, all the solutions for our problems will be solved. Life is not about the fiction stories we often read in books that are commonly run by the figment of imagination of the writers. It is not a fairytale that always end with a happy ending. Life is a bunch of stories, stories that would end sooner or later, but as one chapter ends, it is a beginning of another beautiful story.  Here are the just random things I learned in my life so far:

12. Intellectual people learn from their mistakes but really intellectual people learn from the mistakes of others.

People who are smart will surely learn a thing or two based on their own past experiences. But people who are really smart will not let the mistakes of other people be their mistakes in life too. They will use the experiences of others as their lessons in life.  The mistakes of others especially of close friends will be used by them as an avenue for their realizations in life. They will not follow the wrong things other people have done instead they will get the lesson from the experiences of others; they will use the mistakes of others as their learning opportunities.

11. Competitions in life are normal, but one thing we should not compete in is our relationship with others.

Whether competition in grades, in our office works, in position in our organization or even competition in mundane things, we should always value the relationship. While, it is true that competitions in life are normal and it will help us to strive harder, we should also be mindful of our relationship with our classmates, officemates and even organization mates for having good and genuine relationship with others are more difficult to find than the success we will soon achieved. Competitions are not bad; it will help us to do well and to strive to be better than we are yesterday. We are challenged by our competitors; there is a sense of embarrassment if we are left out within the group. Because of this, we will strive harder for us not to be left out, for us to excel to stand out within the group we are in. but, along with this, we often times forget that we also need to value the relationships we have within the group, we should not forget that as a person we need to value people and the relationships we have with them for life is not always about winning or losing sometimes, who are with when in times of failure.

10. Sydney Sheldon is a male author

When I was younger, I am not really fond of Sydney Sheldon, I prefer reading the books of Jude Deveraux, Nicholas Sparks and John Grisham. So, I believed that Sydney Sheldon is a female who always write stories about women and women.

Of course, those who are non-readers will tell you Sydney Sheldon is a female, but those who are bookworms and hate the romantic stories of other authors will tell you that Sydney Sheldon is actually a male author whose main storyline revolves about women. In fact, I am also shocked when I saw his picture.

9. We are very afraid when we are very slow, but actually, we should be afraid when we are standing still.

Often times, we always hear people say, you work very slowly, time is gold.  But actually, we should be glad that person is actually working, as the old aphorism, “ Slow but sure.” What should alarm us are the people who are already satisfied in the situations they are in, that they are not already doing something to uplift their lives or to fix the problems they have. It is as if they are only standing still in a waiting shed doing nothing and just waiting for San Pedro to open the gates of heaven. It is in standing still that we should be very afraid for we are doing nothing than of being slow.

8. Watching Boy Abunda asks questions in his TV program as if he would improve our lives well in fact it is not

Watching Boy Abunda, in his interviewees on Sundays in his TV program show as if what he is trying to tell in his interviews would really improve our lives, and the situation of our country today well in fact it is not. Whatever Boy Abunda says it would never improve the condition of our country he might as well stop for a peaceful world. And watching him asks questions, I learned, that too would not solve the crisis in the Philippines.

7. We can take mindless photos of almost anything

Before, selfie would be a waste of film, a lot of people would weep upon seeing a number of out of focus and overexposed snapshots. But today, because of selfie phenomenon, we can take mindless snapshots of almost anything we want. Before, our parents would surely whack us in the head. But, because of our fast pace technology, we can easily capture anything with the use of our smartphones, iPod, tablets, laptop and camera without being mindful of the film. Because of these gadgets, almost all people at any place would surely take mindless snapshots and few minutes after it is already posted in facebook, instagtram  or twitter.

6. No dream is too crazy for anyone to achieve.

Every dream is worth a try. Every dream is worth to be pursued.  Just what we always say in Filipino, “ libre naman mangarap, lubus-lubusin na. ” whatever be our dream, we should not be afraid to pursue it, it may sound crazy to others, we should not be ashamed to give it a try and continue dreaming. For life without dreams, even if it is the craziest dream, for without it, it isn’t a life worth living.

5. We will not pass every test we will take

It is true, we will not pass every test we wanted to, there are times we will get the highest score, there are also times we will flunk the exam. We are not always on top. But, we are all humans, each experience we have should make us stronger and braver. And the experiences we have and are into should and will help us grow.

4. The world is filled with hate

In every corner of our world, there are crimes, war, crises and illnesses. These are the ramifications of selfish people, who wanted all the richness in the earth. They do all these things to satisfy their wants. They only think of themselves, they are not mindful of their fellowmen, they don’t care if a lot of children are already dying in India because of hunger, they don’t mind if a lot of people died because of the war. They don’t care on others’ welfare as long as they are fine, as long as they have something to eat and as long as they are in their comfortable pod. Even the world is filled with hate, we must dare to give love and accept to be loved. The world is filled with hate, but with hateful things and experiences come the gamut of feelings- dare to love we may never know.

3. There are people who want to pull you down instead of pulling you up

There are people who just want to pull you down more often than to help you build up. Wherever we are, we will always face negative criticisms along our way; there are always people who are not happy with our success, those people who wanted to pull us down. Let us just understand them. It is human nature and it is a proof that we are above them. Let us just face whatever situations we are facing by staying true on what we really want to achieve and want to happen in our life.

2.  The number one thing you don’t want to have is the regret that you should have done more when you were younger.

The thing is, when we are young we have a lot of dreams, when one failure strikes us we will already feel afraid. We are already afraid to try, afraid that we might encounter another failure, afraid, that people might already call us losers. But, the more we encounter failures, it should make us build our better self, it should help us grow and not the other way around. We should never be afraid, we should never stop trying, we should never give up pursuing our dreams and goals in life, we should never stop dreaming and acting on it to make it possible for the greatest mistake we might have is when we stop dreaming and when we stop acting on what we really want in our life. And greatest regret we might have is the regret of not trying for it is much worse than failure.

1. Try things, take risks and follow your dreams despite the naysayers

Impossible is just an opinion. We should break the barriers of doubt, we should never be afraid to try things, to take risks and embrace the experiences we have and use these experiences as our learning opportunities. Never be afraid to dream and to follow that dream. There will be times when people will mock us, there are times when people have negative things to say in front and in back of us, there are times when feel like quitting, but we need to be strong, we need to hold on, we need to continue pursuing our dreams and our goals in life. Those who are successful in life were never afraid; they never stopped trying until they succeeded. They never quit. We just need to keep going, for most of the times, our belief that we can, coupled with our determination, it often tend to help us achieve our dreams and goals.

The Secret behind the success of Jackson Apostol, A Story of perseverance, a walk of faith and a bit of lucky charm

By: Lyndee Rose S. Basilio

There was a boy, who wanted to fly. Once upon a time, that boy dreamt and flew.

He thinks he is in a chimera. But, as text messages and calls kept coming in, “leading me to think that this could well be true, “he said.

Walking is stepping and falling forward.

People who wanted to achieve their goals in life will never stop walking. For each step we take will bring us closer to what we really dreamed of. And it is in this way, to walk means an act of FAITH.  He is on his journey, and he continues to walk on it.

As a college freshman five years ago, Jackson Apostol dreamt of being a topnotcher but did not really believe it could happen.

Jackson, known to his friends and schoolmates as “Jax” was the School of Business Admiration and Accountancy (SBAA) governor then, leading one of the biggest departments in the University.  “(My college life) was fun, I didn’t spend all my time studying,” he said referring to his extra-curricular activities he joined way back in his college life.

Apostol recounted the day when he needed to go to a computer shop to look for the results of the accountancy licensure examination when his friends flooded his phone with text message and barraged his phone with calls, saying he is the national topnotcher.  At first, he did not believe it, saying that it was just a prank of his friends and relatives. But as he continues to receive calls and messages, he started to believe that he was indeed the national topnotcher.

“(I have) mixed emotions, I only felt true happiness when I got home and saw how proud my parents were,” Jax recalled.

Jackson Castillejos Apostol graduated in the University last 2013 as cumlaude and recently topped the CPA licensure exam with a score of 93.86 percent, besting almost 10,400 examinees.  Apostol was the second of four siblings, at first he wanted to pursue a medical course at either University of the Philippines or Ateneo de Manila University as his ticket to enter medical school after.  He admitted, it was his earliest dream of becoming a doctor to take care of his parents when they get old. Also, he added that he actually have an ugly handwriting. But, due to their limited financial and his frail health, he instead enrolled accountancy in USL, following his father’s advice.

Nothing changed

Now, he is already a CPA, employed as Associate 1 at  Sycip Gorres Velayo and Company , the largest multidisciplinary professional services firm in the country. With all the blessings he is receiving now, nothing really changed, he is the same person we knew five years ago.

“Nothing actually changed that much. I am still the same me with just 3 letters added after my surname,” Jax said.

“ Jax” as an accountant and as a person

It was his family, especially his father who inspired Jackson to be an accountant; his father, preparing him to assume responsibility for the family’s small business here in Tuguegarao was the first person to insist that he should take accountancy.

“I would like to look up things as how my father sees them, I would like to live with his principles.”

“As a person, I would pursue my purpose in life; (my best quality) as a person is my ability to see the goodness in everything. I always see the positive side of things “

“As an accountant, I am expected to maintain integrity, I know my rights and I am accountable for my acts. I want to be a big fish in a big pond. Above all, as an accountant, I am trustworthy.”

The Foundation of everything

 Jackson’s desire to finish with flying colors and be an accountant was fulfilled with the help of his instructor s, friends, a little of hard work and guidance from above.

“(USL) has been helping me since then, by providing me quality education and most importantly, spiritual guidance as well. I would like to thank ( louisian community) for your support. I can’t be who I am today without your help. “

“I am not good at planning. I didn’t change my study habits. But, (I just) added more time to studying. I only reviewed what I needed to review.”

The lucky charms that be: Red Brief and Red Apple

Others would say, it was just a figment of his imagination, but during the board examination, Jax wore a red brief and put a red apple under his chair to pull some luck and confidence.

“(Honestly), it was just a superstition, I am 50% Chinese, and we believe that wearing red underwear makes you lucky. Same with the apple, it was a board exam superstition. It was shared to me by my classmate.”

“God, and not the red brief and the  apple made me who I am today, the red brief and the apple would just help in giving you confidence.”

“But, what I actually did every exam is that a night before, I must eat Lechon Manok.”

The message of a topnotcher

He prayed for it, but he got more than what he prayed for.

“Don’t study hard, just study well. You can do any superstition that you want to make you at ease and confident while taking the examinations. Pressure is inevitable. Oftentimes, the person where pressure comes from is also the same person who inspires us. It is actually unto you if how you look at things. “

“You don’t have to stress yourself thinking about other people. You only have to counter pressure by having Faith. Let me quote a classmate of mine: “Habang hawak mo ang lapis, hawak Niya ang kamay mo. God knows what is best for you. Sir Allan Samonte also said, kung hindi binigay sayo ay dahil makasasama sayo.”

“Prayers help you clear your mind from useless thoughts. Believe in yourself but most importantly, believe in God.”

 Sources: SGV, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Philippine Star

Tripping Tagaytay, the complete T- experience

“What will we do this summer vacation?” asked my father, while we were couched lazily in our messy living room. Everyone, including my mother suppressed a smile but trying to think on how to materialize our plans in our heads.
The same person, who asked the question what we will do this summer, posed another queer suggestion, sa Tagaytay nalang ulit tayo! It was a gutful remark coming from my dad, but I was damn excited about the idea.
It was already six by the time we left our house. We only packed a few clothes and a camera for my narcissistic photos for our trip. As usual, we brought food for us, the amount which can really feed the entire Tagaytay people.
While on the car, we pigged over the food we brought for us, I listened to the old songs on the stereo of my father, my mother telling stories of yesterday and argued with my father over a bag of candy my dad almost ransacked. The three of us also have stupid conversation about my cats and my fondness of coke.
It was a long trip, and all I can say is “ my butt is already hurt” in sitting and my eyes already feel tired for staring at the ceiling of my father’s car. After how many hours of driving and road stop for excretory necessity we finally arrived in Tagaytay. I was mesmerized with its serene beauty though it was not my first time to visit the place; but every time I visit it I am still awestruck by its beauty and God, the weather is perfect, it was not that hot unlike in Tuguegarao City. Everything was like… amnesic and the second thought, ecstatic. There and then, the Tagaytay invasion finally commenced.

First Stop: Robinsons Summit Ridge Promenade

It was the newest sensation in the romantic city of Tagaytay, with affordable and stylish dining and shopping options that will surely set the mood of relaxation of its guests and tourists. As the youngest in the group, my ulterior intention was of course to tour the mall and to shop, I was all keyed up with the delightful place that I don’t even remember it is time for us to eat. But, the best thing in the mall was its retail components, the promenade have also acoustic performances combined with its delectable food and relaxing dining outlet. The ambiance was romantic and placid, the salespersons were all cheery and kind, and their faces are like permanently tampered with beautiful smiles. The restaurants are pretty fine and the food was yummy, suggesting a perfect getaway for the entire family in the buzzes of hustle urban living.

The Food

It was said, an out of town would not be fun enough without food. How would you enjoy if your tummy is empty. I am keyed up with the delightful places in the romantic city of Tagaytay, but I have also a motive to eat in Tagaytay’s finest restaurant. Luckily, my father recommended Josephine’s restaurant, the food was yummy and best thing about Josephine’s is, its refine ambiance, it is one of the best restaurants in Tagaytay where foreigners commonly abound. It took us ages to settle on what we really want to eat, after
It is not just a diner, it also have a fishpond and a restaurant balcony where you can see the Taal Lake 360 degrees, overlooking the Taal Lake while eating the delectable food of Josephine’s. After eating, all we can say is yummy, yummy, yummy, added by the ambiance and view of the restaurant, it was indeed a total good packaged, a good place to bring your love ones.

Flowers everywhere: Tagaytay’s Flower Farm

On the perfect windy slope of Tagaytay City, sprawls a flower farm that will keep every tourist delighted.
It was a ten minute drive from Aguinaldo Highway, the farm is five hectares and have a variety of flowers with assorted colors such as roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids and many others. The flower vendor told us that the flowers in the flower farm are usually travelled to Metro Manila and sold there. The Vendor also told my mother, the price is cheaper compared to the stalls along Aguinaldo highway. Be warned that the flower farm only accept visitors who have prior appointment. An affordable entrance fee was also collected from us for the maintenance of the farm. After all, it was all worth it

360 degrees awesome view in People’s Park in the sky

It was already three in the afternoon, when my father decided to eat “ Tagaytay’s saging”, he brought us to the park in the sky, a beautiful and serene urban park, telling us that we cannot feel the “ real taste of the saging “ if we will not eat it there overlooking the City. The park is the highest point of Tagaytay City. It is one of the tourist’s destinations of Tagaytay, a natural and man-made attraction. There are cottages where you can relax and unwind yourself. Along in the park is a weather station maintained by Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Administration (PAGASA), also an added attraction in the place.
Mountain – Resort living: Tagaytay Highlands

Before we left the flower farm, one of the locals told us that we cannot just enter the highlands especially for non-members. Well, my sense of being hopeful, which was really skyrocketing during that time, I am too stubborn to see the place, I insisted my father to just drive there and let me see even the front view of it. Tagaytay highlands is a recreational and residential place in Tagaytay, that exclusively brings luxury living with its members through its residential developments. It was surrounded by pin trees and a panoramic view of the country club and golf areas.

Tagaytay Picnic Grove

This is known as the popular playground of Tagaytay, like the Park in the Sky, the picnic grove invites the tourist through its cottages, huts and tables for family picnic, an eco-trail walk, a zipline for adventurous guests, cable cars for romantic partners and horseback riding. It provides all we want in our summer vacation plus having the fines view of the Taal volcano below. It is really a summer or even a Feb-ibig getaway or for all of us.
One Destination is a beautiful commercial area located in Tagaytay Ridge which features café’s and restaurants for local and foreigner tourists to choose from. It is one of the most visited tourist spot in Tagaytay because of its various restaurants overlooking the beautiful Taal Lake. You will surely order, joyfully eat and relax in only ONE DESTINATION.

Taal Vista

The spectacular view of the Taal Lake caught me.
It is a landmark hotel in Tagaytay City that offers enduring architecture and first class amenities and services, featuring the breathtaking Taal Lake and Volcano just on our doorsteps. Taal vista offers a fine hotel style and furnishin equipped with high end services, giving a heaven like setting during our stay in Tagaytay City.

Rediscovering the beauty of Taal

Of course, a vacation in Tagaytay would not be perfect without seeing the majestic Taal volcano, the smallest volcano, located at the middle of the Taal Lake. Taal Volcano, unsurpassed in terms of its finest picturesque setting leaving you breathless and ecstatic.

We know right. The best experiences of men are those with our loved ones, nothing can surmount the gamut of feelings when we are with them. Life is an unpredictable journey, we are humans, and we are born to enjoy what life gives us.
Well, see you in another complete tripping experience.

Source: www.

ar4P’s: Traversing hope for Filipino families

By: Lyndee Rose Basilio

With the administration’s primordial goal to improve the quality of life of impoverish Filipino families, the National Government is undertaking a step through Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program or the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4P’s) intended to provide financial assistance to less fortunate families in the country.

The 4P’s, aims primarily to support poor families who have children within 0-14 years old to meet their essential and basic needs. The Beneficiaries, in return would fulfill their responsibility to ensure good health of the family and the education of their children.

Years have passed, and 4P’s has really gone a long and tedious ways to alleviate the quality of life of less fortunate families nationwide. The administration is really determined to help and to support the family beneficiaries.

Let us hear the story of one of the thousand family beneficiaries of 4P’s in our City that provides opportunities and gives a sign of hope to the less fortunate. I interviewed a family beneficiary from Anafunnan, Tuguegarao City to share sentiments and how the 4P’s touches changed their lives as family.

Urias Family:


“Our family has been encountering financial problems throughout the years, there are setbacks in our daily lives that it is as if we cannot go on to live for one day”

This is what the 18- year old Liza Urias admitted when asked about the common problems that they encounter as a family.

The young lady’s face was palpably concern as she was relating her experiences as member of the Urias family. Evident on her face and in the tone of her voice the memories of the past.

“ Anim kaming magkakapatid, yung iba kong kapatid may asawa na nakatira pa sa bahay namin. Nahihirapan ang mama at papa ko na itaguyod kaming lahat. Hindi naman ganun kalaki ang kinikita ni papa sa pagmemekaniko at ni mama sa paglalaba”

Liza, fifth in the family of six explained that she even stopped schooling for two years for her parents cannot financially support her studies. But because of the 4P’s program of the Aquino administration she was able to continue her studies.

“ sa sobra pong hirap ng buhay namin, tumigil pa po ako sa pag-aaral at namasukan bilang kasambahay sa Maynila para lang po makadagdag kita sa pang-araw-araw na pangangailangan namin.”

“ kahit ayaw ko pong lumayo sa pamilya ko noon, wala po akong magagawa at kailangan po para makatulong po sa magulang ko. Ang inisip ko nalang po ay kailangan ko’ng gawin to upang mabuhay.”

But the good news came last 2011 as they were informed that their family was chosen as one of the cash grantees of the 4P’s for the City of Tuguegarao.

Liza expresses her sincere gratitude saying “ sobra po akong nagpapasalamat at napili po ang aking pamilya na maging benepisyaryo ng programang ito. Nakatutulong po  ito na malaki sa aking pamilya. Sa katunayan po ay nasa fourth year highchool na po ako dahil narin po sa programang ito. Dahil po di to napagpatuloy ko na po ako sa  aking pag-aaral pero hindi po natin ikakaila, na minsan ay may pagsubog parin sa buhay lalo na sa pera, pero dahil po sa 4P’s sobra po’ng nabawasan ang problemang pinansyal. Dahil po dito hindi ko na problema kung matatapos ko ba ang aking highschool o di kaya naman mag-didildil ulit kami ng asin o kaya naman kanin at mantika ang nasa hapag-kainan namin. Dahil po sa 4P’s nakaluwag po kami sa buhay. Laking pasasalamt ko pa po ay nakapagpatuloy ako sa aking pag-aaral. May pagkakataon na po akong matupad ang pangarap ko’ng maging isang guro”

“ at sa bawat po pagtanggap ng pamilya ko ng pera mula sa 4P’s, sinisiguro ni mama na mauna ang pangangailan  ko sa eskwelahan.”

“ Malaking bagay itong 4P’s lalo na sa mahihirap na pamilya na tulad na namin sapagkat nakakatulong ito ng lubos na tulungan kaming maiahon sa kahirapan. Nabibigyan po kami nga pagkakataon na umasenso sa buhay. Ito ang nagbigay sa amin ng ilaw sa  dating madilim na buhay na meron ako, na meron kaming mag-anak.”

The 4P’s is conducted to help the impoverish Filipino families to improve the quality of lives they have. Program like this is essential to provide hope to hopeless Filipinos, to provide opportunities to those who are lacking opportunities to go on in their lives. To help those who are indeed helpless and to support those who are in need of support.

It is good to know that thru this program a lot of individuals can now go to school without thinking the burden of financial capabilities of the family. It is nice to hear that the government is doing something to uplift the people from poverty, that the government is giving hope to the less fortunate families so that they can overcome the setbacks and impediments that they once conceive as impossible to overcome.  It is good as saying; the Filipino families are on their way to better opportunities in living their lives as Filipinos and not anymore as living their lives in shanties. It is good to hear that the less fortunate families are the primordial concern of the government. It is good to hear that the government is doing something in traversing the roads of the less fortunate Filipino families in our country; A good sign of hope for them and of course, for us. # (LRSB)